Is Unscripted Telemarketing A Viable Option For B2B Marketing?

When most people hear the word telemarketing, a whole slew of negative associations comes to mind, and there are many good reasons for it. Telemarketing is often associated with unsolicited calling, pressure sales techniques and even scams. However, despite all the abuse and bad business practices associated with it, telemarketing can also be a very effective, direct sales tool for businesses that offer legit products and services to qualified leads who actually want to hear from them so that they can learn more about how a certain company’s products and services can help meet their needs and desires.

For instance, a small business owner named Claire decides that she wants to take her small interior design business to a next level. After doing some research online, she lands on a website of a company offering professional web design, along with SEO and SEM services. Claire likes what she sees, so she voluntarily fills out a simple online form on the company’s website indicating the best time to call her.

After receiving Claire’s online request for more information via their website (an inbound marketing channel), a knowledgeable SEO and Web Development sales consultant, a professional telemarketer named Harry, contacts Claire to see how their company can best help Claire meet her business goals and needs. After having the initial conversation with Claire (a potential client qualifying call) and learning more about her needs, Harry gets back to Claire with a service offering proposal that works well for her business.  After having a few conversations (calls) and aligning on Claire’s business objectives, Harry delivered a proposal to Claire that was successfully signed.

The example above illustrates a legit and effective Business-to-Business telemarketing or telesales, as it is often referred to.  It worked well for Claire – the client, and Harry – the telemarketer specializing in direct and unscripted B2B telesales. Harry is true master of direct telemarketing. He knows how to make a client feel comfortable and excited about the products and services that Harry’s company has to offer. Harry has a terrific closing ratio and really enjoys identifying and presenting tailored business solutions to his clients.

With the help of professional telemarketers like Harry, a lot of companies that compete in the business-to-business segment can greatly increase their market share and reach their business objectives. Thus, telemarketing can serve as a viable and highly effective marketing channel, as long as it is done right. If you want to leverage direct B2B telemarketing to grow your business consider working with an experienced firm with a proven track record providing unscripted telesales services to to companies competing in the Business-to-Business markets.